A-Zal Gets Vulnerable in New Song “Autopilot”

New York-based Pop sensation A-Zal returns with a new record, “Autopilot.” It goes without saying that the singer-songwriter has had a busy year as “Autopilot” marks his sixth release of 2023. His previous releases, “Movie Script” and “Lonely Town,” generated a lot of buzz. The former, “Movie Script,” was spun on countless radio stations and reached #51 on the Mediabase Top 40 Activator Charts. The latter, “Lonely Town,” was released alongside a music video which was nominated for Best Music Video at the 2023 Montreal Independent Film Festival. “Autopilot” is surely going to garner similar attention and praise as it is just as masterful as the rest of A-Zal’s discography.

A-Zal gets open and honest in “Autopilot.” The song dives into themes of sorrow, pining, and life’s monotony. Life is nonstop and one may miss certain times or people, or yearn for certain things or situations. “In spite of all the glory and charm that life has to offer, you still miss your ‘true home.’” A-Zal continues: “By ‘true home,’ I don’t mean a physical home, but the soul of a lover where you had once found the home for your soul. It’s someone’s love where you had once discovered your real place of belonging. My song, ‘Autopilot’ is dedicated to the first love of your life.”

A-Zal utilizes his soothing, polished vocals to drive home the message of the track. The guitar strumming blends perfectly and sets the tone of the record, which is one of somberness, but also of resilience – evoking the idea of beauty in the struggle. The music video, which A-Zal directed, furthers the themes touched upon in “Autopilot.” However, the music video does so in a somewhat cryptic manner, which makes the music video even more captivating.

“Autopilot” may be closing out the year, but it is also the song that introduces A-Zal’s upcoming studio album, “17 & 11 Nights” (which is genius as “Autopilot” was released on November 17th). “17 & 11 Nights” will be A-Zal’s debut LP and is slated for release in 2024. The album will surely be a treat and will feature “Autopilot.” So, fans can cruise into the new year knowing that A-Zal isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay.

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