Platinum EDM Spotlight Vol. 4

Hey Platinum World! We always strive to bring you the latest in music discovery across a multitude of genres! Here are four more spectacular selections in our latest Platinum EDM Spotlight that we know you will vibe to.

Dive into the sonic waves by streaming these gems directly through the provided Spotify links below. And if you find yourself entranced by the beats and want to know more about the masterminds behind them, don’t hesitate to connect with and follow these artists on their social media platform links also enclosed below.

Let the rhythm take you away! Stream these tracks, follow the artists if you aren’t already and place these songs in your top playlists! Enjoy!

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Today’s EDM spotlight features :

  • SCARLETT TAYLOR – Black and Blue
  • MERESHA – Hawaii
  • EWERELL – Start Again
  • WAXFEET – Everything Is Everything

SCARLETT TAYLOR – Black and Blue

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Scarlett Taylor crafts a cautionary tale of forbidden love on this funk-infused electro pop track. “Black and Blue” touches on a woman falling in love with a career criminal, fully knowing the pitfalls and risks associated with such a romance, however, there is an allure and excitement to the criminal’s lifestyle that she can’t resist.

Scarlett turns in a dynamic vocal performance over a dreamy soundscape blooming with ethereal sound elements and breathy synths. The funky bassline and chord progressions add a distinct sound to the track overall when you take in the instrumentation as a whole. It all matches up exceptionally well with the expressive, yet coy lyricism which conveys the song’s concept impeccably.

“Black and Blue” also conjures up some feelings of nostalgia as it possesses hints of the sonics from the synth-laden pop tracks that dominated the 80’s.


Stream “Black and Blue”

MERESHA – Hawai’i

The purveyor of the groundbreaking Alien Pop genre and Billboard charting recording artist, MERESHA, pens a vibrant ode to one of her favorite places. “Hawai’i” is a song and composition full of vocal zest and “feel-good” vibes complemented with sun-splashed rhythms and melodies.

“Hawai’i” is the type of track which easily compels you to mentally visualize the song’s concept. You can literally feel the sand running through your toes or the mist from the ocean waves spritzing across your face as you immerse yourself in the song.

The instrumentation contains a tantalizing buoyancy that grabs your attention and percolates your listening senses while Meresha’s charming vocals flow along seamlessly across the instrumentation.


Stream “Hawai’i”

EWERELL – Start Again

Give me that house music all night long! Swiss producer and DJ, EWERELL, drops a dazzling track “Start Again”, which contains a dance factor through the roof.

The bass/electro house production is driven by a bouncing synth bass line and an incredible collection of illuminating melodies surrounding it. The rich, somewhat smoky female vocals accentuate the seductive mystique of the track, almost hypnotic in a way. Overall, the production has an entrancing aura to it, particularly once the quintessential EDM drops, buildups and transitions enter the scene.

Boom this at the club, in your home or add to your workout playlist, “Start Again” is a big time track that you’re going to want ot hear over and over.


Stream “Start Again”

WAXFEET – Everything Is Everything

WaxFeet is an eclectic chill hop and electronic duo out of Santa Cruz, California. Their track “Everything Is Everything” is a very fitting title as literally this song contains a masterful blend of a diverse range of sounds, tones and ambient electronic elements.

The instrumental track takes on a variety of mood shifts and transitions, including tempo variations that make the introduction of the unique sound elements even that more intriguing. I also thought the acoustic grand piano riff mixed in with the core electronic soundscape made for another aspect of the production and sound design that distinguishes this song from its contemporaries.

“Everything Is Everything” highlights Waxfeet’s penchant for arrangement and a keen ear for what will resonate with music listeners.

Stream “Everything Is Everything”

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