Brandon Rosen Releases Debut EP “Phases of the Moon”

Brandon Rosen is back with a six-track EP, “Phases of the Moon.” The EP was preceded by two lead singles, “Blurry,” which has a music video, and “Fatal Attraction.” The EP is a vulnerable project that explores the complexities of life and the different phases that we all go through. The EP provides listeners with powerful imagery that makes a lasting impression through its thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics.

“Phases of the Moon” has an Indie, Indie Pop, and everything in between sound. The EP overall has an honest, introspective feel to it, and really dives deep into life’s ever-changing nature. The name of the EP alludes to the subject matter of the EP. Brandon Rosen tackles navigating his early 20s and the feelings that journey yields. Brandon Rosen states: “The human experience isn’t linear. On this project, I wanted to show the many different emotions that we go through, so I don’t hide the different versions of myself and dip in and out of genre.” Brandon Rosen continues, “Sometimes, I’m afloat – seeming to have a grip and myself put together – while other times, I’m underwater reaching for that put-together self.”

“Phases of the Moon” EP starts of with the titular track, “Phases of the Moon.” It really sets the tone of the EP and compares the way that we change to the different phases of the moon. It starts off as a calm song, but crescendos with a breakdown. Track two, “Blurry,” is a piano-driven record and Brandon Rosen furthers that through the “Blurry” visual. In the “Blurry” music video, Brandon Rosen is depicted playing a piano in a river that is seemingly serene, but he adds some haunting themes and imagery that adds to the impactful feel of the record. The EP then moves to a more up-tempo song, “Fatal Attraction.” The song is seemingly about a love interest. The eclectic record has a Swing meets Rock sound to it and showcases the versatility that Brandon Rosen possesses. Track four, “Fake Love,” slows it back down a bit, but also has that drop leading to a crescendo which is omnipresent in most of the songs in the EP. “Majesty” is the penultimate song, and it brandishes an epic, cinematic sound. Brandon Rosen’s polished, pristine vocals really shine through in “Majesty.” “Phases of the Moon” EP ends on a high yet soft note as “Subliminal Feelings” has a gentle, soothing sound. It is the perfect closing record as it gives a feeling/imagery similar to curtains closing and booming applause commencing, accompanied by tears shed, knowing that greatness was witnessed as the beautifully emotional journey has come to an end.

Brandon Rosen’s “Phases of the Moon” is a project that will make you think, smile, cry, reminisce, etc. The EP puts Brandon Rosen’s powerful falsettos, tremolos, and vibratos on full display and demonstrates why he is an artist to put on your radar. Press play now, and experience the different phases of the EP, “Phases of the Moon.”

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