Iconic Star Lizan Dizaye Takes the EDM World by Storm

Lizan Dizaye is back with a hot new song that will surely make you want to get up and dance. “Fly So High” is Lizan Dizaye’s second single of the year. It was preceded by the hit, “Angel Devil,” which featured Domy DJ. “Fly So High” is an EDM record that has elements of Hip-Hop/Rap melded into it.

“Fly So High” has already seen its fair share of success. The single has already topped 3 millions streams, a feat that was achieved within the first two hours of the first day of the release. The single is a maxi-single as it also has a melodic mix for fans to enjoy. The upbeat anthem also borrows from the House, Techno, and Trance genres.

Kurdish music artist Lizan Dizaye enlisted rising superstar Fame Faiella to lay down some smooth bars on “Fly So High.” Lizan Dizaye also once again collaborated with renowned producer John Lamp. The flawless production blended with the beautiful, polished vocals of Lizan Dizaye make “Fly So High” so enchanting. Many fans are labeling Lizan Dizaye as “Trance Techno EDM Goddess.”

The overnight success of “Fly So High” is a prelude of what is to come for this soon-to-be global sensation. Lizan Dizaye is already back in the studio cooking up her next hit, so fans won’t have to wait too long for another banger to add to their playlists. It is incredible that she even finds the time to make masterpieces since she also is the founder and CEO of L. Dizaye Magazine. Her dedication to her craft and fans is evident, and surely does not go unnoticed. Continue to follow her meteoric rise to the top and “Fly So High” with Lizan Dizaye.

Check out Lizan Dizaye’s website, lizandizaye.com, and her magazine’s website, ldizayemag.com.

Follow @lizandizaye and @l.dizaye.magazine.

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