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Win a most versatile Japanese artisanal chef knife that will become your kitchen workhorse today! 1 winner will be selected.

Every cook needs an all-purpose, high-performing chef knife in the kitchen! So this month we’re excited to partner with Japanese Knife Co. to give away their Japanese artisanal chef knife to 1 lucky winner. Enter for your chance to win this beautiful knife now!

*The giveaway is open to all international readers, except addresses in the UK due to shipping restriction.

Win a Premium Japanese Artisanal Knife Today!

From beginners to seasoned chefs—this highly versatile knife is suitable for every person, and every job. It’s the Japanese equivalent of the Western chef’s knife. Except it is thinner, lighter, and sharper. It can be used to chop, dice, and slice almost anything in the kitchen. As a result, gyuto knives have become one of the most popular choices for both cooking enthusiasts and chefs alike.

The lucky winner gets to choose between the three different styles of gyuto knives they offer. 

Why You’ll Enjoy Using Gyuto Knives:

The knife you’ll reach for daily, for tasks that require expert precision and control.

  • Your Go-To Knife  | Excellent for those seeking one great, go-to, multi-purpose knife. 
  • Unique Precision | Light, precise & sharp—perfect for everyday chopping, slicing, & dicing jobs.
  • Maple Wood Handle | Smooth & strong – it feels great to hold & creates a beautiful natural look. 
  • Buffalo Horn Collar | With this optional add-on, you can make your knife 100% of natural origin. 
  • Superior Strength | Exceptional sharpness, & hardness – that makes every cut effortless.
  • Minimizes Cell Damage | This enhances the appearance, taste, & texture of the food.
  • Suitable For Everyone | Perfect for both seasoned chefs & beginner home cooks alike.
  • Masterfully Made | Handmade, hand-braided, & sharpened by a master.

About Japanese Knife Co.

Japanese Knife Co. provides handmade, authentic, high-quality Japanese knives online. They ship the knives directly from Japan to the USA and worldwide. 

Japanese Knife Co. is operated by the same team as Japanese Green Tea Co. and Japanese Coffee Co., who has been provided the highest quality and trusted products from Japan for years.

The knives are made by two legendary knife makers—Mr. Sukesada Ueta and Sugimoto Knife —using techniques handed down for generations that were used for sword-making in the Samurai time. The company takes pride in being one of the select few that export their magnificent creations to the rest of the world, enabling knife enthusiasts worldwide to experience their unrivaled craftsmanship. Their knives are renowned for their razor-sharp edges, exceptional durability, and exquisite design.

Visit their website to learn more.


Japanese Knife Co. is also offering Just One Cookbook readers a 10% discount on their first order for everything in the store.

Discount Code: JOCJUN2023

You can use the code at the checkout. The codes expire on June 30th, 2023, and are limited to one use per customer.


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This giveaway contest closes on Friday, June 30, 2023, at 12 p.m. PST and is open to everyone worldwide, except the UK due to shipping restriction.

One (1) winner will be selected via Pick Giveaway Winner Plugin and contacted via email. Please include a valid email address in the email address entry box (please double-check your spelling!).

The winners are required to respond within 72 hours to claim the prize.


You can enter up to 5 tickets (max) to increase your odds of winning. Good luck!

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*Please read through the giveaway rules carefully. Submissions will be forfeited if entered more than 5 times.

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