Wordbuild Online: Morphology For Middleschool

Wordbuild Online Morphology For Middleschool - A ReviewWordbuild Online Morphology For Middleschool - A Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Vocabulary and morphology is boring, the kids say…not anymore! A daily game of Wordbuild Online by Dynamic Literacy, LLC is all it takes to learn the roots of many everyday words and build them into additional vocabulary.

Wordbuild Online Morphology For MiddleschoolWordbuild Online Morphology For Middleschool

There are six levels of Wordbuild Online. The first three are in the Foundations stage, which we reviewed a few years ago. The three Elements levels continue on for older students who are in sixth grade or above, or for those who have previously completed Foundations levels.

What We Received

Wordbuild Online scope and sequenceWordbuild Online scope and sequence
Wordbuild Online scope and sequence

We received Wordbuild Elements Level 1 for each of our children. This level starts introducing students to Latin and Greek roots. It’s for those who have either completed all 3 levels of the Foundations class, or are in grade 6 or above. You will have access to the course until all of the activities have been completed, so there’s no need to worry about time limits.

The class is delivered online and once the student is comfortable with it, they shouldn’t need additional supervision.

How To Use Wordbuild Online

My children dove right in and how the program worked came right back to them as if they’d never stopped using it. There’s the ability for parents to adjust the program so that students can only do one activity a day, or this can be disabled. During the review I disabled this and my children tended to do a couple of activities a day, each school day.

Wordbuild Sudoku Wordbuild Sudoku
Wordbuild Sudoku

Each activity is timed, usually for 15 minutes, but occassionally there may be a different timing. This means that students will be more focussed on the task at hand to complete it, yet there is still plenty of time so that they needn’t feel pressured.

Middle years vocabularyMiddle years vocabulary

Each week students will work on a new root word, and build it into several more words using prefixes and suffixes. Students rotate through the activities with each root word. For example, if you start a new root on Monday, each Monday the same activity will be completed, but with the new root word, and then on Tuesday, a different activity will be done. This becomes second-nature to students.

Prefix and Suffix helpPrefix and Suffix help
Prefix and Suffix help

Students can find a little help with the meanings of the prefixes and suffixes, if needed. My children use this as a last resort because they tell me it feels like cheating!

What We Think About Worldbuild Online


What I like about Wordbuild Online:

  • what they learn about these words can be transferred to other reading/learning situations
  • I do not have to do any correcting
  • the lessons are short so my children don’t feel it’s an imposition on their day
  • the scoreboard lets them see what they’ve completed each week
  • the fun encouragement given throughout

Wordbuild Online for the win for us! The children are happy, and learning at the same time.

Learn More About Wordbuild Online

wordbuildonline logowordbuildonline logo

Click here to read 17 more reviews about Wordbuild Online by the Homeschool Review Crew.  You will find reviews on both the Foundations and Elements levels.

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Wordbuild Online Morphology For Middleschool - A ReviewWordbuild Online Morphology For Middleschool - A Review

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