Stay At Home Backyard Beach

Stay Home With a Backyard Beach BashStay Home With a Backyard Beach Bash

Like many people around the world, we’re currently on lockdown. And while for the most-part, things are business as usual as we are full-time home educators, that doesn’t mean the children are stuck indoors! Welcome to our backyard beach!

Stay Home With a Backyard Beach Bash with Castle View AcademyStay Home With a Backyard Beach Bash with Castle View Academy

Our children had outgrown (or so we thought) their sandbox, so we thought we would give it to someone who could use it locally. The sand wasn’t in great condition so Phil was going to use it to prop up some cement blocks on the sidewalk and patio area.

He and the children dumped it out and started to spread it a little when I looked out the kitchen window and told them to stop!

Sandy back gardenSandy back garden

Kallista had been upset that we would probably miss our annual breakfast barbecues on the beach….

So, with the sand scattered about, I told Kallista she could put some water into the sandbox to turn it into a paddling pool and pretend she was at the beach – she loved the idea!

Phil even used some warm water to give her a heated pool! Kallista spent the afternoon out there enjoying herself. The next day after classes she was back out again. She said her Barbies on the side were the coastguard keeping an eye on her for safety. There’s an imagination for you!

Poolside drinks at the back garden beachPoolside drinks at the back garden beach
Poolside drink service

It’s lovely to look out the window and see her sitting there, going for a ‘swim’ and soaking up the seaside sun. It does look as if there will be some new condos or holiday homes going up in the area soon, by the looks of the construction vehicles – I hope they have the proper planning permissions in place!

Backyard beach barbecueBackyard beach barbecue

Of course, we had to have a barbecue at the beach, too, to enjoy the full effect!

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If you get the angle of the photo right, you can almost imagine a big sandy beach, beach huts, and a grassy area as well.

Our backyard beach has been a great success and I believe everyone has been enjoying it. It will be a sad day when it’s cleared away.

bring the beach to your back yardbring the beach to your back yard

I’ll also add that the sand being tracked into the house is about equal to a morning at the beach, too…but it’s worth it for the look of happiness on children’s faces!

Stay Home With a Backyard Beach BashStay Home With a Backyard Beach Bash

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