Say Thank You With A Golden Ticket Treat

Thank Community Workers With A Golden Ticket Chocolate GiftThank Community Workers With A Golden Ticket Chocolate Gift

This is a fun simple two minute craft to show your appreciation for teachers, librarians, front-line workers, carers, shop keepers, refuse collectors, or anyone who has a love of books. Give a Golden Ticket treat to anyone who deserves a thank you for the work they do!

Say Thank You with easy Golden Ticket treatsSay Thank You with easy Golden Ticket treats

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My children originally made these for our local librarians, but now they’re making more to show their appreciation to some of the people who are keeping us safe and our community going during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve used Roald Dahl-themed paper because we happened to have it, but you can use any type of paper, or even decorate your own printer paper with markers, stickers, stamps, handprints, etc.  Be creative!

My children love going to the library and are there very often. The librarians have done a lot and over the years, and with funding and hours cut now they’re doing even more with less.

It’s nice to do something to make our librarians feel appreciated.  They had a Roald Dahl day in September for his birthday with poetry and crafts.

We had only found out the day before about this event so we didn’t have much time to prepare, but we knew just what to do!  We have done something similar before for the previous librarians and it was so fun we just had to do it again.

Making a simple thank you gift for carersMaking a simple thank you gift for carers

We stopped on the way home from the library at the corner shop and we bought two bars of Galaxy chocolate (it’s a big favourite here in the UK), but they didn’t have the gold-wrapped Caramel bar so we have to make do with the brown-wrapped Smooth Milk, which is also very good.

The children were thinking about the librarians, and how the newest member of staff likes biscuits/cookies, so we looked for those, too.  The shop had Foxes brand, which was going to be just perfect! The kids choose which variety of Foxes biscuits to get.  Ginger Creme it was.

When we returned home I pulled out some Rauld Dahl craft paper, some baker’s twine, double-sided tape and  scissors.

Wrapping chocolate for a gift of thanksWrapping chocolate for a gift of thanks

To begin, the children discreetly covered the prices on the chocolate bar and biscuits with little labels cut our from the paper.

Then they cut off strips of paper just big enough to make a nice sleeve for the goodies and affixed it with some double sided tape to the treats.

The kids cut out some tags from the paper pack and tied it to the bars with some baker’s twine they wound around the bar and tied into a neat bow. You can make your own tags in any shape or pattern you’d like.

Wrapping twine around a gift bar of chocolateWrapping twine around a gift bar of chocolate

The baker’s twine makes the treat look rustic and add just that little personal touch, too.  Just make sure you have the proper end of the twine ready to go before the kids get ahold of it… this was a brand new spool of twine and it was cut somewhere in the middle and now there are 4 ends loose!  

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As you can see, the children used Charlie and The Chocolate Factory paper and cut little Golden Ticket pieces to go with the Galaxy Chocolate (if you can get the caramel flavour the ends of the foil bar are gold, which coordinates well).

For the Foxes biscuits (cookies) they children did the same thing but used The Fantastic Mr. Fox papers to go with the theme.

And they’re done!

The next day at the library the children took the treats in their backpacks and secretly took them out when we arrived and tiptoed them over to the counter and left them for the librarians. Of course they won’t expecting anything, but they knew who they were from and even picked up on the Foxes biscuits that went with the Foxes wrapper!  You can’t pull the wool over their eyes!

Since then, the children have made this fun and easy thank you for our health care workers, shop keepers, and others that they wish to thank. You could even do up a couple of different items and keep them in your car for unexpected times when you want to give a small gift to a friend, colleague, or anyone.

These little gifts are fun and easy and just enough to show your appreciation to anyone who does important jobs and deserves some recognition.  Have fun!

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