Homeschool Algebra 1 Course with TabletClass Math

Online Homeschool Algebra 1 Course ReviewOnline Homeschool Algebra 1 Course Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

If you’re looking for an online homeschoool algebra 1 course, have a peek at what TabletClass Math provides.

Homeschool Algebra 1 Course ReviewHomeschool Algebra 1 Course Review

What is TabletClass Math Homeschool Algebra 1 Course?

TabletClass Math courses are taught using the Teachable platform, which we are already familiar with, having used it for previous home education and blogging classes.

High school online algebra classHigh school online algebra class

More specifically, this course contains:


  1. Introduction to Algebra Terms and Concepts
  2. Real Numbers and Simplifying Variable Expressions
  3. Solving Equations
  4. Graphing Linear Equations
  5. Writing the Equations of Lines
  6. Inequalities
  7. Systems
  8. Absolute Value
  9. Powers and Exponents
  10. Polynomials and Factoring
  11. Quadratic Equations
  12. Functions and Relations
  13. Rational Expressions
  14.  Radical Expressions/Equations
  15. Data, Measurement and Probability

Each chapter builds upon the ones before, so it is recommended to work through the chapters in the order provided.

How the Highschool Algebra 1 Course Works

We received a one-year subscription to the highschool Algebra 1 course, as well as the Parent’s Portal.

Parent’s Portal

Parent PortalParent Portal

The Parent’s Portal is optional, and it includes some words of wisdom on study habits, printable chapter tests (and answer keys), the Final Exam, Course Grade Calculation Worksheet, and a completion certificate. The course guidebook and final exam can be used for a student’s portfolio, which is a nice option to have.

pacing guidelinepacing guideline
pacing guideline

I particulary liked the pacing guideline (45-90 mins x 5 days/week) as I don’t think these are included often enough; I know it is a guideline and not set in stone, but it helps for planning and motivation.

Student’s Portal

Homeschool Algebra 1 Student PortalHomeschool Algebra 1 Student Portal
Homeschool Algebra 1 Student Portal

All the necessary content for the class is contained within the Student’s Portal.

Chapter set-up

  1. Watch the instructional video and take notes.
  2. Complete the practice exercises and show your work.
  3. Correct your work.
  4. Watch the practice excercise videos (even if you have the correct answers) for extra reinforcement of the topic.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each topic section within a chapter
  6. Complete the extra practice questions for the chapter and correct them.
  7. Review the notes (print and keep them in your binder)
  8. Take the quiz and correct it
  9. Take the Chapter Test (in the Parent’s Portal) and correct it.
  10. Record the test results on the Chapter Tests Summary Worksheet.
Solving Linear System Word Problems in homeschool Algebra 1 course Solving Linear System Word Problems in homeschool Algebra 1 course
Solving Linear System Word Problems

What Do We Think About TabletClass Homeschool Algebra 1 Course

This homeschool Algebra 1 course has some great positives:

  • Clear instructions
  • Loads of practice questions
  • Video answers for some questions
  • Quizes and chapter tests
  • Pacing guidelines
  • Guidebook and final exam for a student’s portfolio
  • A completion certificate

If you’re looking for middle school or high school math, we encourage you to look further into TabletClass.

More Information About TabletClass Math


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See for yourself how TabletClass Math works – have a look at loads of 12-15 minute math lessons on YouTube. Follow this channel for those times when your student needs a new perspective

If you’d like to know more or would like to follow TabletClass Math, you can connect with them:

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Online Homeschool Algebra 1 Course ReviewOnline Homeschool Algebra 1 Course Review

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